Unlimited CE Trainings for 2 Years. Invites for all trainings (current and all added) sent automatically from CANVAS for all courses. Applicable to NBCC Hours, NAADAC Hours. Unlimited time begins when first course invite is accepted.

NBCC ACEP #7078, NAADAC ACEP # 218310

2 Year Unlimited Single User

  • How to Complete Your Course- 4 Easy Steps

    • Email Sdutra@samanthadutrallc.com to request assistance with registration for Studio CE trainings. Or Purchase directly on website: www.studioce.org

    • Upon receipt of your purchase you will be sent an invite within 1 business day from CANVAS to join the class(es) to your email. Please send the name and credentials you would like on your CE certificate(s) to sdutra@samanthadutrallc.com.

    • Each Training is complete with power points, handouts and quiz or quizzes. You must receive a 90% or more on the quizzes; unlimited time and attempts are available. Each weekly module also gives an overview. You may complete each week module as quickly or slowly as you wish, and you do not need to go in order, it is entirely up to you.

    • Upon completion all of all power point and handouts viewings, quizzes and evaluation forms, you will notice an attestation form at the end of your training as a listed assignment to sign agreeing that you completed all requirements of the program. Please copy and paste the URLS from the evaluation form & attestation form into the text box within CANVAS to receive points. You then will be issued a certificate via email within 1 business day that shows your name, credentials, CE hours amount and all other Studio CE LLC identifying information. The attestation form and evaluation forms are required in order to receive your CE Certificate.

    Accommodations: Most of the training materials are in PDF format for those with visibility impairments, PDFs can be sound activated using the read aloud feature. If any accommodations please contact Dr. Dutra at sdutra@samanthadutrallc.com or at 781-218-9773.

    Thoughts? Opinions? Grievances? Please address any grievances to Dr. Dutra at sdutra@samanthadutrallc.com or at 781-218-9773. We are happy to assist and support any issues promptly that may arise.

    Questions? Email sdutra@samanthadutrallc.com or call/ message 781-218-9773.

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