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Our Current & Past Graduate & Undergraduate Interns
To Inquire about an open Internship, Email Studio CE

Antara Killedar

Antara Killedar is a graduate student pursuing MS in Information Technology and will be graduating in Spring 2021. She has served as the President of National Association for Women MBAs (NAWMBA) WPI chapter in 2019 -2020. She completed her undergraduate studies in India and currently lives in Worcester, MA. Antara is excited to work at Studio CE LLC and contribute significantly to the company.

Antara Killedar,

Business Analyst Intern


AKBio Picture.jpeg

Andrew Lufkin

Andrew Lufkin is a Business Major at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) who will be graduating in the spring of 2024. He is a dedicated student athlete who apart of the Men's Basketball Team at WPI. He lives in Southern New Hampshire and is eager to apply his project-based learning to Studio CE LLC.

Andrew J. Lufkin, 

Former Marketing Project Manager Intern


Malcolm Avore

​My name is Malcolm Avore and I am a Finance major at Lasell University! I am from Farmingdale, Maine and I am hoping to become a financial advisor after graduating from college. In my spare time I enjoy playing and watching tennis, as well as cooking and baking!

Malcolm Avore,

Former Financial and Administrative Officer Intern


Andrew Fidalgo

Andrew Fidalgo is currently a senior at Lasell University majoring in Finance. He is a member of the Men’s Lacrosse team and has received numerous conference accolades for his on-field accomplishments. Andrew is originally from Wilbraham, MA and his family currently resides in Plymouth, MA. During his free time he enjoys traveling, cooking, is a real foody and loves being outside. After graduation in May he looks forward to starting his financial career in Boston, Ma

Andrew Fidalgo,

Former Sales Manager Intern

Uday Kumbhar

I'm a WPI graduate student working on my master's degree in data science. I graduated with a bachelor's degree in computer engineering in 2020, and I like working on machine learning projects and producing Tableau dashboards. I'm new to analytics and wish to pursue chances in the field of data analyst after graduation.

Uday Kumbhar,

Data Analyst

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Shrinivas Balasaheb

Goal oriented and ambitious person with passion for data science and its applications in the real world, among many others. Graduate student at WPI, class of 23.

Shrinivas Balasaheb,

Data Analyst

4f4bc3cf-1ee2-4549-9a2f-4b88cd2a2908 (1) (1)shrinivas.jpg

Lauren Wintersteiner

Lauren is an organized and highly motivated Business Management intern and Marketing Coordinator. She is client-focused and demonstrates strong problem-solving, and communication skills. As a dynamic team player, Lauren thrives in fast-paced collaborative environments. She is currently in her final semester at Lasell University where she will be awarded her Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management this spring

Lauren Wintersteiner,

Former Marketing Coordinator Intern


Hannah Thurston

My name is Hannah Thurston, I am a senior at Lasell University studying marketing under the school of business. I enjoy hiking in the summer and traveling

Hannah Thurston,

Former Public Relations & Marketing Manager Intern

Varsha Hawaldar

Varsha Hawaldar is an analytical and detail-oriented person with a passion for data-driven decision making. With a Master’s degree in Computer Science from California State University Fullerton and prior experience as a Software Engineer at Honeywell, she has developed a strong understanding of business processes and how technology can optimize them. She is thrilled to be joining Studio CE LLC as a Data Analyst Intern, and intends to make significant contributions to the company.

Varsha Hawaldar,

Data Analyst Intern




Shruti Menon

I am Shruti Menon. I am a recent graduate student from Worcester Polytechnic Institute and I have pursued my Master's in Information Technology. I am actively seeking opportunities for roles in Data/Business Analyst. I have a strong technical and analytical background and I am well-versed with many analytical tools like Excel, Power BI and Tableau. I currently reside in Worcester, MA and I am looking forward to contributing significantly towards the growth of Studio CE LLC.

Shruti Menon,

Data Analyst Intern




Soon Filled


Devang Pawar

Devang is a seasoned Business Data Analyst with an impressive six-year track record in data analysis. Armed with a Master of Science degree in Information Technology from WPI, he excels in leveraging data to enhance business processes. Devang's  technical prowess, coupled with his passion for analytics, has consistently yielded actionable insights that empower organizations to make informed decisions and achieve their goals. With a dedication to data-driven excellence, Devang is a dynamic professional known for his ability to extract valuable insights from complex datasets. His collaborative nature and effective communication skills enable him to bridge the gap between data analysis and real-world business impact. Devang's commitment to  staying on the cutting edge of data science ensures he can harness the latest tools and techniques to drive success in his role as a Business Data Analyst.

Devang Pawar,

Business Data Analyst

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